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Thread: Humbucker with single coils

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    Humbucker with single coils

    Hi Tom,

    In your opinion, what is the best way to manage humbuckers & single coils using a single volume and tone pot like the classic?

    I read that using a 500k volume pot & using a resistor for the single coils will give a very dark sound when combined. Is this true?

    What is your opinion & solution if you are willing to share?


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    hi steve,

    i'd disagree that the combination of split hb and single coil is dark with vintage voicing(our preferred load value for single coils with 500k pots) engaged.

    if you have a hot hb split. it's still a hot single coil, so it will of course be darker than a weak single coil. the HB coil is also straight so it's going to be listening to the string in a bit different spot i don't think anyone expects the split HB to sound exactly like the vintage single coil, it can't, but it can be a very useful tool along with the full Hb.

    we choose to have VV on when the combination is on, but we also always auto split the hb when it's combined. when using the double wafer 5 way, you could choose to not have VV on in position 4 (b+m) if you wanted.

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