Up for sale is a MINT 2002 Top Hat hand-wired 50-watt Emplexador head in black tolex with silver piping. Tubes are about a year old and have about 10-hours playing time on them. Includes a StudioSlips padded clamshell cover. Has never been gigged, kept in a smoke-free house. $1400.00, Cash or money order preferred, but PayPal okay if you add the 3% they charge me. I will deliver if you are in New England and we can find someplace to meet.
Emplexador head has 2 x EL34, 2 x 12AX7 and 1 x ECC83 tubes.
Controls are: Gain, Master volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass and Presence controls and "Normal/Boost", "Treble/Fat" switches.
Rear panel features: Variable line out, impedance selector (4,8,16 ohms), 2- speaker outputs.

Images can be found at: http://photobucket.com/albums/d103/robberns/For%20Sale/
From the Top Hat website:
"The TopHat Emplexador is so versatile, it's perfect for the Vintage Marshall enthusiast who loves everything that they used to make, but can't decide which model to buy. And, for the live performer or studio player who needs to be able to get those classic "Plexi" sounds and a modern overdrive all in one amplifier. The Emplexador has it all!
The Emplexador TE-E50 feature a traditional hi/lo input with* selectable voicing between "Vintage" and "Modern". The first mode, labeled "Vintage", is based on a 1968 "Plexi" with a few twists thrown in for added versatility! We've added the ability to engage/disengage the "Bright Boost" bypass cap of a Classic '72 era amp as well as a switch to provide the fatter front end of a JTM 45. The master volume control also provides greater drive control in both modes. The second voicing, labeled "Modern", is designed to attain the best overdrive sound available with tons of gain and sustain while still offering some ability to have the amp clean up when your guitar is turned down.
*We've recently added two switches to the front panel features.*
The first switch labeled "Normal-Boost" (replaces the pull-boost function on the earlier models) with the boost mode providing additional gain in the higher frequencies. This provides the '69-'72 era bright/crunchy response. (Remember the effect is diminished as the gain knob is turned up) The Normal mode allows the amp to be full and warm at lower gain knob settings.
The second switch labeled "Treble-Fat" allows the player to choose between the gain structure of a fat JTM 45 (early/mid 60's) and a more treble-y JMP 50 (later 60's).
Together with all these tonal options a player can really dial-in almost any classic "British Tone" from clean and bright to hot and overdriven."