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Thread: SA-1 or SF-1?

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    SA-1 or SF-1?

    I recently lost the use of an SA-1 middle pickup (open ckt coil). I'm thinking of replacing it with an SF-1, and the neck pu also with an SF-1R. Tonally what difference could I expect compared to the SA's? Would the SF's work well with the switcheroo system?
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    As far as I know, the SF and SC pickups are the same, one is covered one is not. If so, I can tell you the SC1 is much darker than the SA. I have SC's in my guitar and I love them, but I wish I had the SA's in there. My buddy has SA's and they sparkle and the split sound is killer! Hope this helps a bit,

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    You can split or run the SFs in parallel just like the SAs. However, we designed the SFs to be a great sounding single coil and the split/parallel sounds a very bright. The SAs would be the better choice with a Switcheroo.

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