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Thread: 2013 Classic Ruby Slipper- $3000

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    2013 Classic Ruby Slipper- $3000

    I am the original owner of 2/23/13N, a Classic SSS finished in Ruby Slipper. Alder body, Maple neck/fingerboard, with Even Taper neck carve. Rather than repeat all the specs, which are shown on the sheet below, I'll focus on condition. The guitar is in amazing condition. Yes, it is 10 years old, so there are a few scratches or little bumps, but nothing that is noticeable and nothing that penetrates the finish. There are no marks or dings on the neck that I can feel. No buckle rash, no dings, etc... You get the idea; it was babied. There is no fretwear of notice. It's in great shape, all original. Comes with original case, tags, strap, trem arm. I also have an extra Aged White pickguard/trem cover, as the guitar has a white pearl plastic on it.

    Asking $3000 shipped in ConUS. I'm in California.

    PS- I do also have an extra loaded TAG pickguard with MC-1/MC-1/HC-2 pickups. If you want that, I'll make you a deal for the whole package.

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    I don't know if it's just me, but the photos don't seem to be loading when I click the links.

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    same here...

    Yeah, me either. The images don't load.

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