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Thread: Crowdster Plus 2 - Custom requested Key-lime Green Burst

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    Crowdster Plus 2 - Custom requested Key-lime Green Burst

    I am looking to sell my Crowdster Plus 2. I honestly haven't played it in so long, its been a very beautiful Wall Decoration. It hurts me to do this because I custom requested this paint job with a brighter green key-Lime burst color. This guitar is just so beautiful and as everyone knows plays wonderfully. I am still looking to get better quality pictures, but I figured I would just post this up really quick before I take the time to get better pictures. I am the original owner, I have all the paperwork and hardshell case.

    $2,800 + Shipping
    Crowdster Plus 2_1.jpgCrowdster Plus 2_2.jpg

    Photos Here:
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    Killer guitar; I enjoyed looking at the pictures! Best to you as you find the right home, even if that ends up being yours.
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