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Thread: TAG perspective on custom fretboard inlays?

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    Question TAG perspective on custom fretboard inlays?

    I was wondering what the TAG perspective is on custom fretboard inlays. I have read elsewhere on this forum that it is generally not offered (other than maybe a blank front side). Is that simply based on not having a strong enough demand to invest in it, or are there other reasons why custom inlays are not a preferred option?

    FWIW, I am more than happy with dots, although some offset options would be nice. I have also seen other vendors get carried away to the point that the inlays become a turn-off, ruining an otherwise beautiful guitar. Just curious to hear the various perspectives. Thanks!

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    i always considered us a performance guitar, so other than fancy tops, we haven't gotten into extra decoration. it always felt like too much trim on a car, i hate fake louvers. shell is hazardous to work with and now even more regulated than it used to be, so i don't want it in the shop. and alternative fake plastic shell isn't something i want to feel under my fingertips.

    we do offer offset dots, either all on the bass side or half and half bass and treble sides.

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    Makes sense, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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