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Thread: Ordered a cheap Epiphone ES-335 Cherry

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    Ordered a cheap Epiphone ES-335 Cherry

    Hello i did something i didnt think i ever should do!! I have ordered a Epiphone ES-335
    I have seen some reviews ex. Andertones where the play both Original Gibson and the Epi. The sound difference is subtile. The biggest difference is build finnish and aftermarket value as I can see!! I am not a collector I am a player!! I play in a tributeband who the main guitarist use ES335
    I can create very similar tones with my HSTC ofcource!! :-)
    I ave said before that i dont want to buy an new electric without BF or another brand than Tom Anderson... but for that price, and it seems like ok quality and playability! Its basically a playwood guitar with Maple-poppel-Maple, same as Gibson, with a centerblock Maple.. Andersons tought it was Mahogany.... neck is glued in Mahogany as original Gibson. neck colour seems darker on Gibsons!
    I know this 2020 model is a real stepup from the previous model called ES335 Dot Cherry. with original Gibson pickguard without the ugly screw trough it. Alnico PRO pickups and vintage peggs. Also the ugly Epiphone headstock is scaled down to look more Gibsonlike!. Hardware and tunomatic bridge seems just like Gibson, with only minor design differences!
    What do you Anderson fans lokk at these cheap guitars? I will get it in February! realy looking forward to check it out! its so cheap that I will just keep it anyway if i dont like the quality..
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