I recently got an Icon Classic and have some questions about it. I may not change a thing but I may...I am curious about my options. I am so picky about everything!

It has VA7R - VA7 - HC2. For the closest tone/output in a noise cancelling pickup for the VA series, would I want an SC1 or SC1-? I think the VA sounds good...I would not want to lose too much of the chime/presence...but the hum loss would be nice.

I felt like the stock treble bleed was not really doing anything...at least compared to what I am used to, so I took it out. I have a specific treble bleed that I prefer over anything else I have heard, and pretty much always put in my guitars, so that went in.
It also felt like it was not doing anything which is odd because it usually does a lot(180pf cap no resistor) ...am I missing something or is the hc2 just a bit too thick to clean up like I imagined? If so, should I move towards an hc1+ or something slightly weaker in output? I have to say the hc2 was beautiful on the gained up tones!

Do you have preferred height specs for the single coil and humbuckers?

Will those new Wilkinson locking saddles fit on the Anderson bridge? They are supposed to fit a Gotoh 510.

With all setup details the same, do you feel that a guitar with jumbo frets feels easier/has less tension/bends easier to play than something with smaller frets? Mine has the tall thin frets. When I am just sitting around the guitar feels great but in the heat of battle, I almost feel like it is a little tougher(barely) than my other guitars, or other Andersons I use to have. I feel a little more fatigued from it. I am a full time player in Nashville so I play an awful lot so every little thing is noticeable.
I have it set at .006 neck relief and 1/16 at the last fret with my normal set of Ernie Ball ultra slinkys (10-13-17-28-38-48) I do prefer the tremolo to float about 1/8 with three springs. It came set flat but it always seems a little easier floating and I like the way the tremolo works better that way.

Thanks for any insight!