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Thread: Kahler Steeler trem (locking) won't return to "zero" position

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    Kahler Steeler trem (locking) won't return to "zero" position

    Hey y'all! I have a '93 DropTop with the Kahler Steeler trem. I just purchased this guitar and it is in almost mint condition, looks like the previous owner didn't play it that much.

    It seems that I can't use the trem and stay in tune without a lot of wiggling afterwards. If I pull up, the trem returns to a position where it is angled back towards the rear of the guitar, pushing down and it returns angled toward the neck. These angles are very slight, but I can't get it back to the "zero" resting position. I've adjusted the claw springs so that the trem plate looks to be parallel but after using the trem I can see the VERY slight angle that is putting it out of tune. I'm starting to suspect that it's something with the two allen screws that the trem comes in contact with (sorry, I don't know all the official names!).

    I followed these instructions in my attempt to get the trem properly set up:

    How can I possibly fix this? This trem is not made anymore. Can I replace the two screws? Or should I replace the trem itself with something else? Is that even possible? BTW I have 4 springs in - no middle spring.

    Thanks! This is my 3rd TAG, plays and chimes amazing!
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    i'd start with just 3 springs, the springs do a better job if they are stretched a bit. with 4 they are barely off the relaxed position.

    lubricate the knife edges on the bridge and studs with a light oil or bike chain lube. if it's been sitting a long time, the black oxide coating on the studs could be a little rusty.

    also related, check the tightness of the 2 screws that hold the nut in place. they lead a hard life so they should be checked at least a couple times a year.

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