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Thread: Casper's HDTC for sale

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    Red face Casper's HDTC for sale

    Hi Folks- Been awhile since I visited the forum. Hope everyone is well!
    I am selling my Hollow Droptop Classic. Its rare in that its a plain top, and its pretty dern clean for a 2001. Its a 1 11/16" nut and 62 Roundback carve. Comes with a few extras. Love the guitar (of course), but need the funding more as I'm not playing out as much and have been in the job market this year. Normal playwear and (I believe), above average condition for its age. In the interest of full disclosure, it has hairline finish cracks at the neck joint, but I have been playing it regularly on gigs and practice with no issues. Weighs nothing and has tone for days. I will be Icon hunting in the future. Sorry, but I can't budge on the price either. Have a look and hit me up with any questions.
    Its for sale on Reverb here:

    Be well my friends..Casper

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