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    Jim Lill

    I recently found this guy on YouTube, plays Anderson Guitars and does instructional materials and looks like he gives private lessons via Skype. Great country player and explains things, as far as I'm concerned, in minimal easy to understand language. No affiliation, just thought I'd share.

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    I've been a subscriber to his (Jim Lill) YouTube channel for quite awhile. I like his style of getting to the point quickly. I would also throw Johnny Highland into the mix.
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    love jim. he came out to the shop one time when he was playing in the area. really love is approach to being a player, seems to whittle it down to what matters quickly. oh, and he can really play too.

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    Wow! No Kiddin he can play! I may have to see if I can learn something here...

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    Thanks for this! Heís really good and has some great advice (that Iíd like to forward to a couple other players Iíve seen recently :-). Iíll be sure to go through more of his stuff.
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