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Thread: Quiet on the forum?

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    Quiet on the forum?

    Hope everyone's OK. Very quiet here the last 2 weeks.

    Recently I've been getting notices from Moxilla that the site is deceptive and may have malware. I get the message at my office and home. Moxilla at office and Safari at home. Anyone else getting similar messages?

    Anyway, here's a pic from my last gig. Poured rain for about 30 minutes before we played. Got to bring out my big iron for this one since outside (Mesa Electrodyne and Forte 2X12). Guitar is my #1 drop top short scale mahog body and rosewood neck, even taper + 0.050", medium frets, HF1+/HF3+.

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    Yeah I've been getting the same warnings.

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    Yes I get them sometimes too. I come here multiple times a day hoping there is some activity
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    Same message as well.

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    251 too.

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    All fixed.
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