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Thread: Switching to Imgur - pic heavy

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    Switching to Imgur - pic heavy

    Was switching my photos to Imgur. Thought I'd post a few to try it out here. Enjoy! (edit: wow, big pics. any advice how to post them smaller without resizing each one?) thx.

    my practice corner:

    just lurking backstage:

    bulldog top:

    and my sub $1000 wall (also still a couple others not up there):
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    How did you get it to show at all? I switched over and tried to post a pic in my ngd thread and it only posted a link not the actual pic
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    I had to copy and paste the link from Imgur that is listed for website/online link.

    When you click and enlarge your picture on Imgur there are several links on the right side. The third link down is for websites (on my desktop). The first two links just list the link, not the picture.
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    Very nice!
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    that collection though. wow.

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