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Thread: FR FR cabs, what are you using?

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    sean, what are you using for a frfr monitor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom View Post
    sean, what are you using for a frfr monitor?
    Sorry I thought you were talking about a monitor screen. not enough sleep (or not enough coffee!) haha

    I am using Equator D8 speakers. I have had good luck making tones that have translated to larger systems as long as I made sure to be careful about my low cut/high cut parameters (in the cab block) but I know that some users who prefer it to be at the performance volume when tweaking sounds.

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    I started with an Alto 112 for my helix..not bad for the price at all. Eventually went to a Friedman ASM and itís just another level of good...a bit heavier than I like, but worth it...

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